A Quick History of FX Market

Foreign exchange market which is commonly referred to as FX or Forex is a decentralized global market on which currencies are traded. In this market, currencies are bought and sold at current or determined prices. Forex is the largest market in the world in terms of volume. While trading on the Spotoption platform, it is good to know the history of the robust FX market.

When did Forex start?

In ancient years, there were people helping to exchange currencies for a fee. There is evidence that exchange of coinage was practised in ancient Egypt. In the 4th century, during the Byzantine era, currency exchange was a monopoly of the government. Currency trading continued to be an active but not a mainstream industry in many countries across the world. In 1704 for example, currency agents helped transact business between the county of Holland and England.

Modern Forex trading

In the early 1800s, countries were using gold and silver as a method of international payment. The use of gold and silver was not a very safe way to pay because the value of such metals got affected a lot by global demand and supply. If gold was discovered in a certain country, supply would shoot up and this meant the value of gold would drastically go down. This continued until the creation of the ‘gold standard’ in 1875.


What does gold standard mean?

Upon the creation of the gold standard system, governments agreed to convert currencies into a specific amount of gold. They also agreed on the conversion of gold into a specific amount of currencies. This meant that currencies were backed by gold. For every franc, dollar or pound out there, it was backed by gold of an equal value. This obviously meant that governments were required to have enormous gold reserves. In the late 19th century, almost every other government in the world had pegged its currency to gold. As the years went by, an ounce of gold would be priced differently in different countries. The difference in price between an ounce of gold between two different currencies became the exchange rate for such currencies.

Breaking down of gold standard

During the World War 1, European countries felt a need to print more money so as to finance the many military projects they had undertaken. The printing of more money was further accelerated by the animosity between the major global economies such as Germany and England. Within no time, the amount of money in circulation was much more than the available gold reserves in the respective countries. By the time WWII was starting, almost every other country had abandoned the gold standard. Even though the gold standard was abandoned, gold continued to be used as a measure of monetary value.

Bretton Woods

After the collapse of the gold standard system, members of the allied nations met in Bretton Woods in 1944. They met to deliberate on a new monetary system which would later be referred to as the Bretton Woods System or the International Monetary System. Among the things Bretton meeting sought to establish were:

  •         To use the U.S dollar as a reserve currency thereby replacing gold
  •         The creation of international monetary agencies such as the IMF and GATT
  •         A method of fixed exchange rates

The Bretton Woods system failed because it sought to make the U.S dollar as the only currency to be backed by gold. By 1970, it was no longer possible to back the U.S dollar with gold.

Modern-day FX market

The ineffectiveness of the Bretton Woods and the European Joint Float eventually led to a situation where no one had control of the currency market. Between 1972 and 1973 the currency market experienced several challenges that led to the European Forex markets closing for two weeks. This marked the end of the state-controlled currency markets. In 1973 individuals started trading currencies. People started trading currency pairs. Within a few years, more currencies were introduced for trading.

In conclusion

United Kingdom accounts for more than 40% of the total Forex trading. It is the single most important centre for foreign exchange trading in the world. Today, FX markets across the world are the most liquid. The main players in these markets are governments, commercial banks, central banks, currency speculators, corporations and financial institutions.


How To Manage Your Money With a Budget

manage-your-moneyDo you know how much money you have coming in verses going out? If you have a little bit of an idea not are not completely certain than you need a budget. What you need to do is gather all your expenses and incomes and input them into rows and column in a spreadsheet. According to a budget creation article, you should plan on spending a few hours on building your budget. If you can not spend a couple hours on it in one day than plan on setting aside a little time each day to creating your budget. Either paper budget or electronic will do however, electronic version allow you to make changes to your budget when changes occur. According to an article on US News, creating a budget is not rocket science and can be managed quite easily. The most difficult part (not really that hard) is gathering all the necessary documents required to assemble your budget. Some of the items that you will have to gather include: pay stubs, credit card statements, bank statements, receipts, and any other documents pertaining to bills and or sources of income. Once the budget is made and working you need to stick with it.

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How to upgrade Capital One card?

Capital One cardCapital One Financial Corporation is a reputed American Bank having specialization in products like credit card, auto loans, home loans, and also banking products. As per records Capital One ranks Number 8 as banking company in United States based on total deposits and assets it’s having in record.It’s a Fortune 500 company with more than 2,000 ATMs in operation. It also operates in United Kingdom and Canada. One of the most in demand product of this bank is its Credit cards with different options and facilities.Depending on the need and requirement of customers’, applications can be made for availing the cards of this bank. Up-gradation of credit card limit can be done in a hassle free manner. Upgrading the Capital One cards from time to time enables you to avail more credit facilities. One can update the Capital One cards in several processes. The process of applying for the cards online is easy. One can also call specified numbers in order to upgrade the Capital One card. At the end of the day, this will provide you with more flexibility when it comes to online payments. High credit limits can be obtained easily if you update the card from time to time.

In case you want to dial the numbers and get the card updated, you can dial the toll free number 1-800-955-7070 and follow the instructions that are provided to you. You can also go online to complete the task. Go to the official website and provide the relevant information at the Capital One credit card login and then choose the services option.  In case you are not registered, clock on the enroll option and register yourself first.

Next, you will find some options from where you will have to choose the new Capital One card. There are different cards like quicksilver and Venture one, and you will have to choose from the list the right one. When you request for the upgrade, the bankers will assess the history of your credit card and verify if you are worthy enough for the same.

After entering your Capital One credit card login, you need not plead about the increment, but you need to explain why the limit can be increased. Tell them that you pay the balance off in full at the end of the each month. You can also tell them that you keep more than the minimum balance in the account. As per the norms, you may also be using less than 305 of the limits, and you can stress on this point.

However, you cannot afford to be greedy when you request the increment. You can state that your income has recently increased and so, you deserve the same. In other cases, you can wait for the increment to occur naturally. All these tips will come helpful to you when you want to upgrade the card. For better idea you can log on to the website of the banks and check the credit card section.


Top 6 Fresh Tips for Saving Money

Saving MoneySaving money never seemed to be an easy process as we often urgently need something. A medicine, a monthly debt payment or unscheduled vacation – these are expenses that can easily unsettle even the most inveterate money savers. How to deal with such situation? When it comes to emergency or unforeseen cases, some people decide to apply for the best same day loans. Others prefer to use their savings. Therefore, the balance between the stable financial situation and the reality is disrupted.

No matter what option you choose, your savings don’t hit. We provide you with top 6 financial tips that will really help you save money!

Investment Is the Wise Choice

Unless your money still is on the bank account, you simply earn nothing except the interest that is, in fact, very small (approximately 1%, that is less than the rate of inflation). Therefore, leaving your funds in your bank account is a simple waste of money in the most cases.

The wise decision is to learn how to invest money. Although keep in mind that investing isn’t that simple. Investing your savings is about growing them. While you invest your savings in the new house or in the new smartphone, you don’t enlarge your fortune. The business is the thing that will multiply your savings by earning more money monthly.

Furthermore, over 150,000 of people invested more than $4 billion with the help of Betterment. This tool is number one among investment sources. Apply for detailed information about this service.

Get More without Changing Current Job

It’s amazing but different people in the same conditions manage to get completely different salaries. For instance, your typical George can spend 40 hours working every week  and earn $150 000 per year whole Michael spends the same amount of time and gets $50 000 per year.

This difference defines their attitude to their work. In most cases, the salary depends on the way the person works and not on the place where he/she works. Try to conduct an experiment – be 100% productive and resourceful during the month and compare the salary by the end of the experiment.

Take a Look at Your Expenses

Earning money isn’t enough for a happy existence. When it comes to the financial side, it’s essential to review the expenses. In 99% of the cases reducing expenses leads to the improvement of the overall financial situation.

The basic steps of the cutting your expenses off cover food outlays, outdoor life and utility costs. Managing these issues is easy unless you are ready to control yourself.

Don’t Stay in Shadow

It may not happen to you but it’s a widespread problem for some savers. While you know that some amount of money belongs to you but don’t ask for it, you develop the worst financial habit! Take into your account – ALWAYS take what you possess.

A company promised a refund but doesn’t pay it off? Demand it! Didn’t you get a charge on your credit card bill? Apply for it until you get it! Don’t be a pushover. Asking for something that belongs to you is normal.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Making mistakes, especially in the financial field, is a commonplace and is okay. The problem arises when people start ignoring their mistakes and learning anything from them. Thus, after realizing that you’ve made a mistake, try to find the reason and circumstances, so you could never make it again.

Obviously, saving money isn’t that easy but it’s much easier than hundred years ago when people simply hadn’t got various automatic tools or bank accounts that facilitate this process. Therefore, nowadays this process doesn’t take too much time and effort if you do it smart. Nevertheless, it still requires self-control and desire that will lead you to the success.


Binary Options Trading: Understanding the Different Ways to Trade the Market by UltraTrade

Understanding the Different Ways to Trade the Binary Options Market by UltraTradeBefore you open a trading account and invest in binary options, understanding the different styles of operating in the market is crucial to progressing from novice to professional status. In a solitary career path or business venture like trading, it’s fairly difficult to maintain discipline in learning as much as you can without getting distracted by your favorite TV series or a football game at your local sports center.

Importance of Learning Different Trading Styles

There is no one-way ticket or Holy Grail system for trading binary options, stocks, currencies, commodities, or any other financial market for that matter. An intersection between technical and fundamental knowledge and skill in managing risk must first occur. Knowing the different styles allows you to be more flexible to constantly changing market conditions and provide you with tools to trade in any market cycle that presents itself or investment vehicle that you decide to pursue.

Why Binary? 

Binary options is relatively simple, given the fact that positions are either a zero or one, yes or no, profit or loss. Stocks, on the other hand, can have several possible outcomes. It could break even, result in a minor loss or minor profit, result in major losses or major profits, result in a doubled account size or margin called. While most traders do not like the fact that potential gains are capped, binary options contracts also cap the potential risk of any given trade, which avoids any one losing trade from direly affecting your ability to participate in the market.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis involves historic price data to make market predictions. If moving averages are pointing upwards, a trader will open a Call option with the anticipation that price will continue to move in an upward trajectory before the contract expires. If the underlying market is trending downwards, you can implement the same concept but with a bearish bias in place. Technical analysis is all about numbers and data crunching. It’s about making money with well-researched and rigorously tested algorithms and indicators. The simplest form of technical analysis includes moving averages, Stochastics, Relative Strength Index, and Bollinger Bands. At first glance, these indicators look like mere scribbles, but they are actually visible manifestations of price direction.

Fundamental Analysis 

Viewing the market from a fundamental lens gives a trader a different perspective of how they translate current price action. Fundamental analysis involves macroeconomic factors including imbalances in supply and demand of an economy, changes in political and economic climate, and even company reports that signal health or impending doom. Fundamental trading has to do more with the interrelation of economic events unfolding around the world than it does about algorithms derived from historical data. A fundamental style of trading actually fits the profile of long-term investors rather than day traders and scalpers since economic shifts tend to take more time to unfold.

Pure Price Action

Over the years, a new way of understanding price action in the binary options market has emerged. Price action trading can also be referred to as naked trading since the charts are clean and, well, naked. A well-developed and intuitive platform like UltraTrade offers real-time price updates in various financial assets, mainly in binary options. Price action trading may also be complemented with studies in candlestick patterns, which offers a more informative view of price action as opposed to bar and line charts.

Choosing a Style That Fits You 

Try to get a feel of what trading style best complements your personality, stock knowledge, and past experience. For instance, people who love processing numbers and working with complex math formulas will find technical analysis to be a more congruent trading style than, say, price action which offers little to nil logical patterns. Besides trading style, examine other factors like underlying assets you are most suited for, type of trading account that is best to start with, and even your computer setup or the number of screens you should have. All of these factors, while seemingly nominal when taken individually, can improve your odds of long-term profitability.

Example of Binary Trading Style 

Perhaps the simplest and oldest trading strategy is the trend-following strategy, which can be traced far back at times when binary options weren’t even being offered as a tradable product. Check your UltraTrade platform for price patterns exhibiting a consolidating downtrend. Load up on Call options when the asset’s price breaks the apparent trend line. If the trend line is upwards, choose a Put option when price breaks lower.


Whether you call it trading or investing, placing bets in the binary options market involves risk. Acknowledging and respecting this fact will help you protect your capital better. Regardless of which style you choose, practicing risk management habits at all times will make the difference between profitability and bankruptcy.