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Investment in New Project- a Wise Option?

investmentIt is a well known fact that apartments in a new housing project cost more than they do in a resale transaction. This is because of the element of risk involved in investing in a house that is still under construction. There can be design changes and the finished house may be a little different from what the builder would have shown during the purchase phase. The construction schedule might change leading to more delays. However the builders also lose and face flak from the end users when the aforementioned turn of events take place.

But the benefits of taking such risks are immense. First of all, the chances of projects stalling in the construction phase are minimal. With the improving economic environment, these chances are reduced to nil. The cost of the same house once it has been occupied changes and the end user can obtain a good return on investment in the long run.

So when a buyer has to decide whether or not to invest in new projects, the important thing that he/she needs to know is how the market of that particular region fare in the coming times.

Learning about Market Trends
Anyone who would want to know about the market trends can visit The portal offers not only a unique insight into the individual listings but also offers a detailed outlook on the prevailing property trends. Let us assume that an end user is interested in purchasing new apartments in Bangalore. The city today offers all types of homes ranging from luxury homes from Brigade Group to affordable housing from Tata Value Homes. To assess the fairness of prices being offered in these projects, one can view the housing DSL page to find the property trends in Bangalore.

The DSL page offers state of the art visuals of property trends in Bangalore and other prime territories. For example, there is a map called Price Heat Map available on this page which highlights all those places in the city which are property hot spots. The purchase as well as rental demands in these areas are high. Such sites are marked in red colour while the other areas which have a lower demand are highlighted in green. One can choose to view the prevailing prices in localities as per the cost of a room or cost per square foot. Keeping the mouse pointed over an area reveals the price bracket for both rental and purchase.

Similarly, there is an inventory demand map which reveals which locality in the city has a high demand for sale/rental. Each locality in the city is marked with a different colour indicating higher or lower property demand. There are other maps as well which offer even better insights.

The Upcoming Trends in Bangalore
Bangalore has been at the helm of property revival. The city is constantly been receiving demands for luxurious properties and Brigade Northridge Apartments are among the top luxury apartments available for sale now. Such new projects offer a favourable investment opportunity in times to come. Therefore anyone who plans to invest in new projects-particularly luxury projects in Bangalore-would be making a judicious choice.

In conclusion offers a deep insight into the prevailing trends in the property markets. The portal offers comprehensive features and facilities to find and purchase new properties as well.


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