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Rules Which Have to Be Followed Trading with FIBO Group

FIBO Group refers to the most respectable international companies rendering financial services to millions of the Forex trade participants. This broker has a range of rules which are obligatory for execution by each client of FIBO Group willing to trade at Forex.

Brokerage companies cooperation with which is beneficial usually support micro lots on the Forex market. The smallest lot of FIBO Group amounts to 1,000 units of the basic currency. The minimum lot amounts to 1% of the standard lot at Forex, which in turn equal to 100 000 units of the basic currency. If you trade will lots that vary from 0.01to 0.09, you can make a limited number of currency exchange transactions. It is not allowed to conclude more than one deal per second. FIBO Group is entitled to put an end changing and accepting deferred stop orders in case that in 3 minutes economic and political news and macroeconomic statistics indicators of the global significance will come out.

The process of creating charts is carried out also with following proper rules. If you are going to create a price chart it should be noted that Bid price is the basis for the smallest and highest prices on conditions that you trade on MetaTrader 4 terminal. Forex broker determined that the instrument’s spread is the measure for minimum distance. At this point one can place orders: pending orders, stop-losses and take-profits. A minimum distance for stop-loss order moves upward to 10 spreads in case that in 10 minutesmacroeconomic statistics indicators, political and economic news of the international significance will come out. If in 30 minutes the trading process stops, a set level for stop-loss moves upward to 2 spreads. This rule is true for pending and market orders, which have to be opened at a pre-defined value of stop-loss. This value lies in the range of mentioned spreads. You have to remember that if you trade on MetaTrader 4, it will be impossible to separately modify the value of stop-losses and take-profits. So if the value of a take-profit is determined it will be impossible to modify a stop-loss. Any attempt to do this will be blocked automatically. The brokerage company has a list of marginal demands. The clients of FIBO Group have to be aware of them. One can get acquainted with these rules on official site of FIBO Group.

If you have chosen FIBO Group for trading at Forex, make sure that you know the rules of creating and work on the Forex account within this brokerage company.

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