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Mr. Wentworth Promotes JG Wentworth

JG Wentworth is a structured settlement factoring company that was established in 1991 as a merchant banking firm. Not long after their foundation, they were quick to show innovative opportunities in the market that involves buying periodic payment streams. Based in Bryn, Mawr PA, the firm has now become as a leading buyer of deferred payments that relates to illiquid financial assets –structured settlements and secured annuities. They have purchased more than $4 billion of future payment commitments from clients since the following year of their foundation, 1992.

The latter part of the 90s was the time at which the firm has become primarily concentrated on purchasing payment streams from annuities and structured settlements. It is them that pioneered institutional capital as well as national advertising out to the market. Through this, they have altered the derivative market for structured settlements, forming a genuine specialty finance business from what used to be a cottage industry. They have then taken a significant role in making model legislation for the purpose of decreeing the sale of structured settlement payment streams. 47 states have successively assumed the legislation so purchases executed by structured settlement factoring companies go through a judge’s approval.

Ever since they have started, Wentworth has used an innovative approach in promoting their services. They have an eponymous, fictional character to serve as their spokesperson. They call him Mr. Wentworth, an entity that is consistently featured in their ads and commercials. Their promotional creativity has gained them more than clients, but actual fans on the internet as well. This is something that is frequently noted in JG Wentworth Reviews due to its impact on their success. Their commercials are infamous for being provocative, with promotional value that truly draws in the attention of the public. With the release of Opera in 2008, they have jumpstarted their creation of such noteworthy commercials of theirs that were even recognized with various awards.

In the present, the privately held company that has stood for more than two decades is owned by JLL Partners, a private equity firm that is headquartered in New York City.

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