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How to Digitise Your Life

DigitiseTechnology has become so useful and mainstream today that it is extremely difficult to live without. Still, there are many people – some might call them traditionalists – who aren’t familiar enough with technology to reap all the benefits it has to offer. This is a simple how-to guide that will help you get the most out of readily-available technology and help you digitise your life.

Go Paperless
Although it is impossible to go completely paperless, you can cut down on a huge amount of your paper usage. For example, instead of paperback books and magazine, you can purchase e-books or even audio books over the internet to read/listen to. You only need a tablet, phone or computer that supports the format of the document and you can read it as if you were reading from an actual book.

Books and magazines aren’t the only things you can cut down on to go paperless. You can scan all of your important documents and old files and save them on a protected hard drive. Document scanning has become extremely popular because it protects the information contained in your documents in case of fire or water damage, loss and theft.

Carry Around a Digitised Schedule
One of the best ways to start digitising your life is to create your daily schedule and planner on your phones, tablets and computers. There are many programs that allow you to sync this information across all your gadgets such as iCloud (for Apple users) or Evernote.

One of the best features modern technology can offer us is ease of connection and communication. It would be a shame not to use this to your advantage. By digitising your schedule and planner, it allows you access to all the information you need every day in just a tap of a finger or click of a mouse.

Sync Important Information
It is also important to sync all your important information such as email addresses, contact info and addresses into your phone, tablet and online accounts. Gone are the days when address and telephone books would populate office desks. Due to the internet, not many people find use for yellow pages anymore but the online edition is still prevalent. It is efficient to keep all your contacts and information on your phone because it is easier to keep track and update them thanks to innovations like social media. If you are afraid of losing your phone or it malfunctioning, you can always regularly backup all the important data and information to prepare yourself for this event.

Take Advantage of Apps
One of the best things about smart phones, tablets and the new OS platforms for computers is the availability of apps.They are designed to make our lives easier and that is precisely what they do. There are millions of apps available at your disposal; it would be such a shame not to use them. There are applications such as efficient alarm clocks, calorie counters and memo pads that you can use in place of your traditional methods.

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