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How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Claim?

PPI complaintSince 2011, the amount of complaints regarding PPI has risen to astronomical levels and as such it makes it very difficult to predict how long any individual case will.

In most cases there are a few key questions to bear in mind:

  • How easy will it be for the necessary authorities to obtain any paper work?
  • Are the facts simple and down in black and white?

The banks and lenders have claimed that it is their priority to resolve any PPI complaint, quickly and efficiently. However once a case is taken to the Ombudsman, the goal will be to get the case settled as soon as possible. They will be honest in their assessment of the case and if it’s worthy of upholding and taking any further, as their word is final. The further upholding and talking are checked and established by the Ombudsman, to make the goal being done as soon as possible.

With all these factors combined, it is very difficult to assess how long the claims process will take. The less complex should be more or less cut and dry, but once the Ombudsman gets hold of a complex case, the process could be significantly.


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