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Well maintained boilers are cheap boilers

Are there any such things out there as cheap boilers? To buy a boiler certainly isn’t cheap so where does the phrase come from? One possibility is that is comes from those who have boiler cover with British Gas.


Generally speak boilers aren’t cheap but boilers can be considered cheap boilers when they are energy efficient and last longer due to proper care and attention.


An old or badly maintained boiler will be costing you money. A boiler that is regularly maintained and checked for faults will work significantly better, and use less energy to achieve the job at hand. A boiler that is costing you more to run cannot be considered one of these elusive cheap boilers but those that are looked after by a British Gas engineer can. Maintaining your boiler and heating system will save you hundreds if not thousands in the long run as a well looked after system will rarely break down and will last for a lot of years longer than it would if it were not maintained.

Cheap boilers belong to those who don’t have to pay hefty call out fees, such as those who have homecare cover with British Gas. Paying a call out fee is dead money indeed which is why the British Gas engineers who are in charge of maintaining the boilers covered by the homecare scheme don’t charge for call outs.

Being able to control the amount spent on necessary repairs is easy with homecare cover from British Gas as the quote provided for the work to be done is what it will cost. There are no extras to be added on and should the work turn out to be more intensive than first thought, the customer still pays no more than is written on their quotation. It is safe to say that the boilers that are looked after the boiler and heating care team from British Gas truly are cheap boilers.

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