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The impact of holiday Ecards to your business

business ecardsYes, yes we all know it’s nearly Christmas and it is the season of goodwill and all that but as far as your business is concerned this not the time to take your finger off the pulse as far as marketing is concerned. If the sales figures for the last few years have made depressing reading then this is the year to make a difference. Forget those costly corporate gifts and other such nonentities which have depleted your business account without any real return to show for it, it’s time for a whole new strategy which is fun, cost effective and which will make a real impact on who receives them.


So What Is This Great Solution?

Ecards, that’s what. An animated image which you send electronically via email and when opened is a lot more gratefully received than yet another standard corporate Christmas card with a printed, soulless message. These are bright, colourful, not too familiar but get the message across in a brilliant way. They are also animated so when somebody is going through the boring, morning task of opening emails they are going to get a lovely surprise to open your attachment and see a Christmas tree with the lights twinkling, or a festive scene with snow falling. You can even add some festive music to the proceedings if you want to, but this is maybe best kept for those who you are on first name terms with and have got to know them somewhat and know they will appreciate this extra bit of fun.


Yeah Okay I Get That But What Impact Can This Have On My Business?

They can be fully personalised to ensure that not only are you sending seasons greetings but also a message about your company and even the logo. These are going to have way more impact than those ordinary cards that will be in the bin within a matter of days, or that pen that gets lost amongst all the others. They are effectively telling the recipient that you have put some thought and effort into it and that reflects on the way you do business. You can add a message of thanks to that person who is on the other end of all your email communications who is probably somebody who thinks that in the bigger picture they are pretty insignificant. There is not a feeling in the world like being appreciated, and by letting that person know you value them and all the help they have given you over the year you come across as a business associate who really cares, and that will be the one who gets the most business in the face of competition from the card senders and pen givers.


Sounds Good, But These Must Cost a Fortune

You would think so wouldn’t you considering what they do and how much of a positive impact they can have on your business. So how does this sound; £10 a month to send an unlimited amount throughout the year? You can send more than that on corporate greeting cards alone never mind all those other events that take place every year in business such as birthdays, retirements, special event, etc. Until you have checked out Christmas ecards for business for yourself you will have no idea of what an impression they make. There are so many to choose from for every occasion that you will never be caught out again and it’s worth setting a bit of time aside to send different ecards to different people with different personal messages, which will really make an impression if you are sending several to people working in the same company.


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