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How inspiring quotes have got a new lease of life

greetings cardSome of life’s most inspirational people have, over the course of their lifetime, made quotes that have an instant impact whether you read them or hear them. The simple fact that is that a truly inspirational quote can have a bearing on all walks of life even those far removed from the fields to which those quotes were originally made about.

Thankfully, due to various mediums, some of the greatest of these quotes are getting a new lease of life and even those who weren’t born when these quotes were made can make a connection between them and what they are currently experiencing in their lives. Here we are having a look at how these quotes are coming right back into circulation, and inspiring a whole new generation.

Greetings Cards

Finally, greetings card are moving slightly away from the cheesy images and including inspirational quotes in their creation. As morbid as they are sympathy cards are big business, and with the help of a great quote they could really help somebody in their grief. If you receive a card that carries the standard “sorry for your loss” message it will mean little. Send somebody one that carries a message such as “Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.” This is also a message of hope for somebody to cling onto in their darkest hour.


The current buzz word in communication, especially in the business work, ecards make full use of these quotes by placing them on the front of the card against a dramatic backdrop. Take this one for example “Life is like photography, we develop from the negatives”. The author of this is unknown but the quote has been around for decades. That message is as relevant today as the day it was written. Sending an ecard bearing this quote so somebody who thinks the world is against them and that nobody cares is sending them a message of hope. Ecards are the ideal way to let somebody know you believe in them, particularly in a business environment when you may not feel as if you are able to tell them face to face and hence the rapid growth in the use of business ecards.


Many website now will have a little box on their homepage known as something along the lines of ‘quotes corner’. This clever placement catches the eye of a browser who may be having a heap of problems at that time and is browsing the net to take their mind off things. You hear time and time again marketing experts professing the power of the visual impact over the audio one, and seeing this and reading it helps you to absorb it better than if somebody had said it.


We all have times when somebody close to us is hurting and we are struggling for the right words. Sending an inspirational quote via text means you can dispense with the usual contrite niceties you know they don’t want to hear. So no more “chin ups” or “hug” needed, just a quote to let them know you are there and that better times are ahead.

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