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A Personal Relationship Equates to an Honest One in the Eyes of Hunt Gersin

A simple look around any random room can alert people to just how prevalent technology has truly become in recent years. People are now commonly seen with their faces buried in smartphones and with their eyes fixated upon social networking websites. This is the wonder of technology in action. Even in a seemingly isolated state, people are still fully capable of communicating with the world around them. Technology has made this world smaller, and yet it has also managed to take the personal aspect out of business. For all that technology has done to bring people closer; it has also succeeded in bringing others more far apart than ever.


The mortgage industry always used to be a very personal one because it needed to be. This industry involved important aspects of people’s lives such as their homes and their money, and when dealing with those matters, people obviously wanted to make sure that they were dealing only with the most trustworthy of individuals. It is why Hunt Gersin continues to stress the singular importance of establishing that personal aspect of business yet again. People need to learn to trust in one another yet again, and this is essential not just for the future progress of the mortgage industry, but also for the future of society as a whole. The most meaningful aspects of this world are still the bonds that people make with one another, and that is no different when it comes to business.


According to Hunt Gersin, the reemergence of personal relationships within the world of business will allow for more meaningful transactions to take place. It may even help bring down the number of mortgage fraud cases that have been present in recent years. A personal relationship would derail any bad intentions right from the start, and that would result in a wholly more honest business environment, the likes of which has been largely absent in recent years. Though there is no way to guarantee that a more personal approach will eliminate fraud, it is still eminently more capable of doing so than sticking it with an exclusively technological approach.

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